Specializing In Rental Car Subrogation


We used ISS for over ten years until we sold our Thrifty franchise and liquidated our fleet. The owner is very personally involved, and has exceptional talent in operating this business. ISS was a bargain for us. They seemed to always get the full and fair settlement, leaving nothing on the table. I give my highest recommendation for you to hire them. You will be happy if you do.

Jim Nelson

Owner retired

Courtesy Rentals

Atlanta, GA

I strongly recommend ISS in handling rental car subrogation. Since we outsourced our claims to ISS, our claims were handled efficiently and our collections increased dramatically.Independent Subrogation Services took the worries out of our operations. ISS was there for our team to train, assist, and even taking customers claims over the phone. Their professionalism with treating every client's business as their own made a huge difference and contributed to our success and profitability.        

Tony Elkik

Previous Owner

Payless Car Rental

Atlanta, GA


"ISS provides true hands on, personal service.  Every claim is handled in a timely, efficient manner They are always available to handle any need we may have no matter how big or small.  I never feel lost in the shuffle as with other larger companies.  Whether the damage is $300.00 or $30,000, all claims are handled in the same manner and with the same priorty.  I would highly recommend ISS to any rental car company who prefers personal service and wants to increase collections on their rental car damage."

Buzz Sawyer


Thrifty Car Rental

Montgomery, AL


"Working with ISS has been a wonderful experience!  Our claims are handled quickly and professionally.  Whether it is 8:00 AM or 10:00 PM, they are always available to answer questions and respond to any situation.  My experiences have been extremely personal and one on one.  Any time I call, all I have to do is request information on a claim by the persons name and it is immediately identified.  I don't need a claim number or other information.  I feel that is the best service to have!  I would recommend ISS to any and every one in the rental car business!"

Karen Tucker

Location Manager

Thrifty Car Rental

LaGrange, GA